Pay by Kiosk

Five Convenient Locations, Payments Post Immediately, 24/7 Access.

Pay your CDE Lightband bill at our office at 2021 Wilma Rudolph Blvd., or at one of these hi road locations.

Using out convenient kiosks saves you time and energy, and that’s a bright idea!

hi roadhi road Store #2

1599 Ft. Campbell Blvd.
Across from Hastings
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hi roadhi road Store #6

1801 Ashland City Road
Corner of Vista Lane
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hi roadhi road Store #15

2537 Wilma Rudolph Blvd.
Next to Baskin Robbins
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hi roadhi road Store #17

3880 Trenton Rd.
Corner of Trenton and Tiny Town
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  • Easy touch screen process

  • Accepts cash, check and credit/debit cards (No Money Orders)

  • Payments are posted real-time (immediately)

  • Cash & check transactions are FREE. A $3.10 fee applies to credit/debit cards

  • Machines do NOT provide change

  • Scan your bill or enter your CDE Lightband account number

COVID-19 UPDATE: Our lobby is temporarily closed until further notice. Click here for more info.