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Telephone Troubleshooting

Q: How do I access voicemail or change phone features?

Accessing the Voicemail System for the First Time:

  1. From your digital voice phone, dial your phone number.
  2. The default pass code is 4227
  3. When prompted, enter a new pass code
  4. Re-enter the same new pass code at the prompt
  5. If your new pass code is accepted, you will hear “your password has been changed successfully”
  6. Press the # key
  7. Once in the system, you will hear “Welcome to your Voice Messaging System. If you are not
    calling from your home phone, press the * key.”

Accessing Voicemail while at Home or Away:

  1. From any phone, dial your phone number.
  2. Press * to access your voicemail, once your recording picks up.
  3. Enter your pass code at the prompt.

Feature Access Codes:

*62 Voicemail
*72 Call Forwarding Always Activation
*73 Call Forwarding Always Deactivation
*90 Call Forwarding Busy Activation
*91 Call Forwarding Busy Deactivation
*92 Call Forwarding No Answer Activation
*93 Call Forwarding No Answer Deactivation
*67 Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking per Call *65 Calling Line ID Delivery per Call
*69 Call Return
*70 Cancel Call Waiting (per call)
*94 Call Forwarding Not Reachable Activation
*95 Call Forwarding Not Reachable Deactivation
*78 Do Not Disturb Activation
*79 Do Not Disturb Deactivation
*77 Anonymous Call Rejection Activation
*87 Anonymous Call Rejection Deactivation

Question not listed here? Contact CDE Lightband Technical support at 931-648-8151