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If you have a specific question or concerns not addressed here, you may call 931-648-8151 for assistance.

Property Managers: Auto Temp Program

Owners of rental property wishing to have electric service transferred to their name, leaving the service on at said property when a tenant moves, shall sign an agreement with CDE Lightband. With the executed agreement, the charges to the property owner for each service transfer shall be waived.

The property owner shall be responsible for all bills as long as electric service remains in the property owner’s name. It is the property owner’s responsibility to transfer the electric service to the tenant’s name at the appropriate time. Meter set and relocation charges for tenants shall be those charges set out in CDE Lightband Operating Policy 2-5.

An exception to the agreement shall be when electric service has been terminated for non-payment by either property owner or tenant. Service will not be restored until the bill and appropriate fees are paid of the tenant has moved out.

This charge to rental property owners may change from time to time but is to remain below the regular charge that would exist without the agreement.

Download Auto Temp Agreement>>> (UPDATED VERSION COMING SOON)

Please note: If mailing the Auto Temp Agreement, a deposit may be required.  If so, a CDE Lightband representative will contact you.

Notice To All Electrical Contractors & Builders

Before any electrical service is provided to any commercial building (including schools, churches, etc.), an electrical load report must be submitted to the CDE Lightband Engineering Department. This will help us ensure that the transformer station and service we provide will be of sufficient size to carry the load. This report should be completed as accurately as possible and must be signed by either the electrical contractor, builder or owner.

Tennessee 811 - Know what's below. Call before you dig.

Damage to CDE Lightband facilities resulting from inaccurate information will be the responsibility of the person submitting the load report. No work order will be issued for service until this report is received by the Engineering Department.

Download the electric load report or call 931-905-7203 or 931-905-7234 to have it faxed.
You may also obtain a copy at the CDE Lightband office located at 2021 Wilma Rudolph

For more information, download our information packet.

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