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Video for Your Business

CDE Lightband’s fiber optic technology allows our business community the opportunity to excel. Our Video, Gigabit internet, and voice over IP phone services are delivered on Clarksville’s only 100% fiber optic network. CDE Lightband is proud to provide our business customers with direct access to our local sales and support team 24/7. Contact us today to see how being Fiber Fast can improve your business.

IPTV, Internet Protocol television, is another way CDE Lightband’s Fiber Fast network gives your business more.

IPTV is not a satellite or traditional cable delivery, but the fiber based delivery appears the same to the end user. Not losing your connection and getting inconsistent delivery during abnormal weather conditions are just two of the keys reasons why IPTV provides dedication when you need it most.

A photo of two CDE Lightband employees - video for CDE Business

RF and QAM Video

Have a commercial property that is already pre-wired with the traditional round, black coaxial wiring?

Our engineers have perfected the ability to convert a fiber signal to a traditional coaxial delivery. Not needing to prewire the facility is a huge cost saving for the customer. CDE Lightband is proud to provide this service to Austin Peay State University, the hospitality industry, gyms, and other local multi-dwelling units with this state of the art technology. It is another way that CDE Lightband is helping improve the capabilities of Clarksville and keeping cost efficiency at the forefront.

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