CDE Lightband is proud of our place in the community. Being the City of Clarksville’s electric and fiber to the home broadband provider, it is our responsibility to be a strong part of this community. Clarksville is our home too, and we want to make it the best place to live, work and raise your family. We focus our support on the main areas of Education, Growth and Promotion.

Serving Others

Each year, our combined efforts make a positive difference in the community we serve and are at the core of the public power model — serving people to make life better. Our efforts focus on a number of initiatives, including:

  • Promoting careers in science, technology, engineering & math through our partnership with CMCSS
  • Volunteering at various organizations through the Helping Hand Program
  • Collecting toys for the Salvation Army and food for families at Loaves & Fishes
  • Partnering with United Way of the Greater Clarksville Region to address critical community needs
  • Raising funds for Project Help to assist customers with their bills
  • Educating the public on how to save energy and dollars
  • Donating supplies to support the Humane Society
  • Raising money and awareness to help support breast cancer survivors at the YMCA


CDE Lightband is proud to partner with the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System. We are a proud supporter through the ‘Partner in Education’ in partnering with the STEM Academy at Kenwood High School. Both monetary and time commitments are made each year to this worthy group of up and coming Science, Technology, Engineering and Math focused students, and we grow as much as they do to experience their learning in the electric and wireless technologies. CDE Lightband also connects with schools all across the Clarksville-Montgomery county area by providing Career Day discussions, reading to classes, donation drives, and most importantly: Safety Demonstrations.


STEM Partner of the Year Award

CDE Lightband was honored with the STEM Partner of the Year award while attending the 2016 Clarksville-Montgomery County School System (CMCSS) Partners in Education Breakfast. The recipient of the STEM Partner of the Year contributes to STEM programs through activities such as teacher externships and classroom demonstrations. These partners are committed to helping teachers make concrete connections to math and science standards taught in the classroom, potential career paths for their students and community issues.

Tree Line USA Award

The Arbor Day Foundation has named CDE Lightband a
2019 Tree Line USA in honor of its commitment to proper tree pruning, planting and care in the provider’s service area. The City of Clarksville celebrated Arbor Day on Friday, April 5 at Barksdale Elementary School where CDE Lightband received their Tree Line USA award for the
sixth straight year. Students of Barksdale planted two tulip poplar trees donated by the Clarksville Tree Board.
Tree Line USA, a partnership between the Foundation and the National Association of State
Foresters, recognizes public and private utilities for pursuing practices that protect and enhance
America’s urban trees. Tree Line USA promotes the dual goals of delivering safe and reliable
electricity while maintaining healthy community forests.
“Trees are a critical part of urban landscapes all across the United States,” said Dan Lambe,
president of the Arbor Day Foundation. “Service providers like CDE Lightband demonstrate that
it’s possible for trees and utilities to co-exist for the benefit of communities and citizens.”
CDE Lightband achieved Tree Line USA by meeting five program standards. Utilities must follow
industry standards for quality tree care; provide annual worker training in best tree-care
practices; sponsor a tree-planting and public education program; maintain a tree-based energy
conservation program; and participate in an Arbor Day celebration.
“Vegetation management is a key component to our commitment to providing safe and reliable
electric and broadband services,” said Brian Taylor, General Manager at CDE Lightband. “The
guidelines established through the Tree Line USA program ensures we are following tree
trimming standards established by the Arbor Day Foundation.”
More information about Tree Line USA can be found at

Safety Demonstration Trailer

Our tailor made Safety Demonstration Trailer will walk you through each step of our lineman and engineers up through the fiber connection to your home which allows your meter to be read remotely and provide your home with the fastest internet speeds, television and phone. Our trailer also offers a 15 foot pole that allows our lineman the capacity to show climbing demonstrations with their full safety gear on so all students and viewers get the full effect.

Click here to schedule CDE Lightband to come speak to your school or civic group!


CDE Lightband is also focused on the Growth of our city and economy. We work with our local Economic Development Council, Chamber of Commerce and many other civic groups throughout the city to bring the best to Clarksville, TN. Our high speed fiber optic internet is the fastest available, and this service has the opportunity to attract and retain innovative businesses to the Clarksville area.

Clarksville Chamber of Commerce(3)


Promotion of our great city of Clarksville and those that live within and around are an important part of everything we do. We are proud to call Clarksville, TN, our home and service area and continue to work to make it the best we can.

One area we strive to do that is by helping those in need through Project Help. It is a voluntary program administered by the Clarksville-Montgomery County Community Action Agency that allows customers to add $1.00 or more to their monthly bill to assist the elderly, handicapped and those in economic crisis with their energy costs. Call 931-896-1800 for more information.