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Smart Wi-Fi
powered by Plume

Smartband is a revolutionary Smart Home System controlled by the award-winning Plume app. It’s time to change your relationship with your home Wi-Fi, forever.

What is Plume?
Network Management
Intelligent Wi-Fi
Customized Control
Motion Detection
Online Security

Network Management

Complete Network Management With the Plume App

  • Easy Set-up – The app will guide you through a simple set-up process. Personalize user profiles and assign devices to individuals to maintain a bird’s eye view of everything that happens on your network.
  • Convenient Upgrades – Don’t worry about missing out—all future features of Plume will automatically install from the Plume Cloud when network activity is low. You can always schedule a time that works best for you.
  • Network Calibration – Monitor your Wi-Fi signal strength and network activity, plus Plume pod placement tips to fine-tune your wireless network based on your patterns.
  • Visibility – Curious which devices drain your bandwidth? One tap shows you device consumption and pod connections.
  • Privacy – Enable Privacy Mode if you don’t want Plume

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Network Management with CDE Lightband Smartband
CDE Lightband Smartband offers reliably fast and dynamic coverage

Intelligent Wi-Fi

Reliably Fast & Dynamic Coverage

  • Always Reliable – Buffering? No thanks. Enjoy fast, consistent internet connectivity that doesn’t drop off, even when you’re far from the router.
  • Self-optimizing – Unlike traditional mesh network systems, Plume HomePass continuously learns about your internet needs and performs advanced self-optimizations, allocating capacity to devices that need it most.
  • In the Cloud – Our system is cloud-coordinated. It replaces your outdated router with our tri-band SuperPods, built with auto-channel-hop technology.
  • Speed Checks – Keep your Service Provider honest with built-in speed tests to make sure you get the bandwidth you’ve been paying for.

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Customized Control

Complete Smart Home Control

  • Guest Access – Grant guests access to your network at your discretion, complete with customized passwords. There are all-access, limited access to certain devices, and internet-only options.
  • Parental Controls – Set age-appropriate content filters, block or approve specific websites, and manage the type of content that each profile can access.
  • Freeze It – Give an instant time out for all devices assigned to a specific user profile or schedule an internet freeze by day of week or time of day.

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Freeze internet usage with CDE Lightband Smartband app
Freeze internet usage with CDE Lightband Smartband app

Motion Detection

Whole-Home Awareness

  • Plume Motion Detects Movement Through Existing Wireless Devices
  • Full Visibility – Get a real-time view of where movement is occurring by room.
  • Peace of Mind – The moment there is movement in your home when you’re out, you’ll be alerted via the Plume App.
  • Automation – No need to turn the system on or off manually. Plume Motion uses your primary devices to determine if you’re at home.
  • Historical Data – See the movement patterns in your home over the last seven days, in simple, clear data visualizations available in the Plume App.
  • Pet Mode – Wondering what happens if you have furry friends? Customize the system to ignore the movement of animals below a selected size to avoid false alarms.

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AI Security

Real-Time Threat Protection

Our advanced AI Security puts in the work to ensure your entire home network and all connected devices are protected from hackers and cyberattacks in real-time.