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We take pride in providing superior and reliable digital voice services to our valued customers.

The following guides should answer any questions you may have regarding Digital Voice service, including how it works,
installation instructions, and how to use some of the main features.

Telephone Battery Backup Policy

CDE Lightband’s phone service works with your existing phone wires, phones and wall jacks.  CDE Lightband phone service is connect to our optical network terminal (ONT) outside of your home or with a similar device inside the home.  These devices are powered by electrical service.  In the event of an electrical outage, your phone will not receive power, just like a cordless phone, lamp or any other electrical device in your home.  In this case, your phone service, as well as home monitoring, security alert services, or medical services (such as E911), will not be available.

Your ONT may or may not have a battery backup.  A battery backup may enable backup phone service in the event of a power outage for a limited period of time if at all, depending on the circumstances.  If CDE Lightband loses power or experiences other service issues, the battery in your ONT will not provide backup service and your phone service will not be available.  An ONT battery does not power cordless phones or other equipment connected to the telephone lines that require electricity from your premises.

CDE Lightband does not guarantee the performance of any battery backup.  A battery backup is designed to provide temporary power to the ONT in the event electrical power in the home is lost.  The length of time that your phone will be available during a power outage depends on many variables, including but not limited to, the following: (i) whether a backup battery remains properly installed in the ONT; (ii) whether the backup battery is properly charged; (iii) the condition and age of the battery backup; and (iiii) the amount of phone usage when the ONT is utilizing power from the backup battery.

A backup battery in many of the CDE Lightband wired homes must be installed inside the home, be near an electrical outlet that is on the interior wall opposite of the exterior wall that houses the ONT and the meter.

It is your responsibility to provide, maintain, monitor, and/or replace a backup battery.

In the event of a power outage, you will not have use of your CDE Lightband phone service nor will you have the ability to make and receive calls, including 911 calls, unless you choose to purchase the battery backup option.

If you have a medical alert system, security equipment, or the desire to have the battery backup during a power outage you ay want to consider upgrading to the battery backup option.

The CDE Lightband battery backup option is available for a one-time installation and purchase charge of $75.00.  If you have need of a battery backup please let your customer service associate know at the time of your installation order.

Moving our phone equipment:

CDE Lightband’s phone service is a VOIP phone service but uses the ONT assigned to the residence it is installed in.  The ONT stays with the premises that it is installed upon.  In the event the you relocate or disconnect service, you must leave the battery backup devices at the premises.  If in your new location, you choose to have a battery backup option you must pay to have a new one installed.

For information on additional features and options available, please call (931) 648-8151.

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