CDE Lightband - Clarksville Department of Electricity – Clarksville, TN

Late After:The bill is late after this date and the late payment amount will be due.
Amount Due:This is the total amount due upon receipt of your bill.
Late Payment Amt:A 5% penalty is assessed if payment is not made by the ‘late after’ date.
Account Number:This is your electric account number. When calling the office with questions concerning your account, please have the number available.
Service From:
Service To:
Meter reading dates for billing.
Service Address:The address of the electric service for this account number.
Meter Number:The electric meter number located at the service address.
Meter Reading
Previous Present:
Subtracting the previous reading from the present reading determines your kilowatt hour consumption for the billing period.
Units Used:Kilowatt hours you were billed.
Services:This will indicate the service you are being billed
Amount:Charges for the service
Last date to receive payment before termination:After this date, service is scheduled to be terminated if bill is not paid.

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