CDE Lightband - Clarksville Department of Electricity – Clarksville, TN

In compliance with TVA rules and regulations, any customer (new or existing) must submit a completed and signed Application for Medical Emergency Certification form. The certification will expire one year from the date of approval. It is the responsibility of the customer/patient to renew if the conditions extend beyond one year.

CDE Lightband idenitfies accounts with Medical Emergency statuses and are for customers who have a life-threatening medical condition.

CDE Lightband makes every effort to prevent outages, but sometimes storms, equipment failure or other events can cause outages to occur.

CDE Lightband in no way guarantees that power will not be interrupted nor can we guarantee that priority consideration can be given following an outage or loss of electrical service. We advise customers to be prepared for unexpected outages by having a plan in place or call 911 for medical assistance if necessary.

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