CDE Lightband - Clarksville Department of Electricity – Clarksville, TN

CLARKSVILLE, TN – July 8, 2020– CDE Lightband and TVA are proud to announce they are the first utilities in the southeast U.S. to launch residential virtual home energy evaluations so residents can benefit from money-saving, expert energy advise while maintaining social distance during the pandemic.

“CDE Lightband and TVA are public power, and we’ve just made saving money on your energy bill even easier,” said John Jackson, Energy Services Manager at CDE Lightband. “Virtual home evaluations are an excellent way for customers to benefit this summer from energy efficiency without COVID-19 concerns.”

Normally a technician would visit a customer’s home to complete the evaluation. Now customers can use their smart device to interact with an energy professional through an app and augmented reality technology.

“Innovation is in TVA’s DNA, and we’re not missing a beat by partnering with CDE Lightband on new technology to provide consumers expert energy advice,” said Frank Rapley, senior manager EnergyRight®.

According to Rapley, energy evaluations are essential to helping customers save money by identifying potential areas where energy loss can be occurring all while maintaining safe social distancing. “It takes a passive experience and makes it an interactive one,” said Rapley. “While in-person inspections are done while homeowners wait in their living rooms, virtual inspections take them along the journey. It’s a deeper level of engagement, and we get them excited about saving energy in their home and we can see what they’re really interested in learning.”

CDE Lightband and TVA partnered with CLEAResult, a leader in designing and maintaining energy optimization services for utility companies, to bring this service to customers.

Virtual home energy evaluations are open to all residential customers – homeowners, landlords, and tenants – of qualifying single-family residences within TVA’s service area. Customers should visit to learn more.