CDE Lightband - Clarksville Department of Electricity – Clarksville, TN

Over the weekend of September 8-9, we successfully hosted the annual F2CON gaming tournament in collaboration with Gaming Generations and Tampa Never Sleeps. This event attracted over 80 registered competitors, including notable professionals like Dual Kevin, Flash Metroid, JAK, and more. 

Additionally, Kenwood STEM students had the opportunity to gain practical experience in marketing, engineering, and technology setup during the F2CON preparations. The support of local vendors played a crucial role in making F2CON a resounding success for Clarksville, drawing in locals and players from 13 different states. Our livestream garnered an impressive 25,000 live views throughout the weekend, elevating our gaming event to new heights. 

Thank you to all those who worked at F2CON. With your help, you made F2CON a reality. This gaming event was filled with excitement, enthusiastic cheers, intense competitions, and friendly sportsmanship, making it a memorable weekend for all involved.

Congratulations to all the 2023 Tournament Winners!

DragonBall FighterZ
1st Place 4HM Vyrmr   |  2nd Place PivotAce  |  3rd Place DATA Chuy

Guilty Gear Strive
1st Place PAR FlashMetroid  |  2nd Place RS vxOblivionxv  |  3rd Place Virtue

Madden NFL24 (Amateur)
1st Place MCFGC Tito_G  |  2nd Place TSE Maxninja  |  3rd Place GabeIsaWeirdo

Mario Kart (Amateur)
1st Place PhoenixTY  |  2nd Place Lynnked  |  3rd Place The God690

Mario Party Superstars
1st Place ZachIsOnFire  |  2nd Place AliceTheCatGamer

Smash Brothers Ultimate
1st Place Argon Awdio |  2nd Place WOD byeol | 3rd Place RUE Spore

Smash Brothers Ultimate (Amateur)
1st Place Onix  |  2nd Place Kamo  |  3rd Place Benicio

Street Fighter 6
1st Place Dual Kevin  |  2nd Place Moist JAK  |  3rd Place PAR FlashMetroid

Tekken 7
1st Place NFINITE Shinblade  |  2nd Place Fusion  |  3rd Place TSE Maxninja

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
1st place RemyMartin  | 2nd Place Frankie G  |  3rd Place Dapvip