CDE Lightband - Clarksville Department of Electricity – Clarksville, TN

Scheduled power outages are essential to ensure the safety of our crews while conducting maintenance and upgrading electrical equipment that directly benefits you. When work is planned in your vicinity, we aim to notify you beforehand through phone, text and email. During the outage, our dedicated teams will isolate the affected area and work diligently to restore power as swiftly as possible.

Outage DateTimeLocationReasonAlternate Date
Aug. 16Midnight – 6amUnion St.Maintenance
Aug. 16Midnight – 6amMadison St.Maintenance
Aug. 16Midnight – 6amKraft St.Maintenance
Aug. 16Midnight – 6amN 2nd St.Maintenance
Aug. 168am – 2pmDaniel St.Pole Change Out
Aug. 168am – 2pmRichardson St.Pole Change Out
Aug. 176:30am – 7:00amPerkins Ave.Pole Change Out
Aug. 176:30am – 7:00amHigh St.Pole Change Out
Aug. 176:30am – 7:00amShelton St.Pole Change Out
Aug. 176:30am – 7:00amForrest St. Pole Change Out

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