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On a dial meter, there are four or five dials, numbered 0 through 9, with the 0 at the top. Look closely and you’ll see that the numbers go around the face clockwise on some of the dials, but counterclockwise on every other dial.

The hands of the dials move in the same direction as the counting order of the numbers. To read the meter, just write down the number that each hand has just passed. Start with the dial on the far left, and proceed to the right.

The reading is 66649.

If a hand is directly on a number, look at the dial to its immediate right. If that hand has passed zero, write down the number that the left hand is pointing to.

The reading here is 70. If the hand on the right has not passed zero, write down the last number that the left hand has passed.

Here, the reading is 69.

If you have reread your meter and still have questions, please call CDE’s Energy Services at (931)648-8153.

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