Tennessee River

Service Fees

The following is a list of charges that will be incurred as a customer of CDE. A customer will be charged with the actual costs for any deliberate destruction to CDE’s property located on the customer’s premises.

Auto Temp Program, Requested disconnect


Initial Set or Relocation (w/o Service Crew)


(Additional meters set at same bldg., name, time)

$15 / each

(Read In and Out)


(w/Service Crew)


Connection to Construction Temporary




Returned Check




Termination List Service Fee (w/o Service Crew)


(w/Service Crew)


Service Call-w/o service crew, 5-8 PM weekdays


Service Call-w/o service crew, 8 PM – Midnight weekdays, 8 Am-Midnight weekends & holidays


Service Call-w/o service crew, Midnight-8 AM, everyday


Service Call-evenings-w/ service crew, 5-8 PM weekdays


Service Call-w/ service crew, all calls except weekdays 8 AM-8 PM


Read Meter at Customer’s Request


Return to Read/Inaccessible to Meter Reader


Test Meter at Customer’s Request


Set Service Pole for Customer’s Purpose


Set Pole and Security Light (Poles set inaccessible by truck–actual costs plus applicable overhead will be charged)


Connection of Security Light


Reconnect Existing Security LIGHT


Broken Meter Seal


Theft of Service – Actual Costs Incurred (minimum)

$225 min.

Underground Security Light Service (wiring only)



* Charge for general set. Landlords may choose CDE Operating Policy 2-15, Meter Sets for Rental Property.
** Each trip, except for reconnection of service will result in a service fee.
*** Minimum charges open to adjustment if not enough to cover actual costs incurred.
**** These materials shall remain the property of CDE.