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August 11th, 2022

12 ways renters can lower their electricity bill

When you rent, sometimes it can feel like there’s nothing you can do to lower your household utility costs. Unless something breaks, it’s pretty unlikely your landlord will proactively invest in costly…

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June 15th, 2022

CDE Lightband Powers Homes and Businesses

With 100% Fiber Optic speeds up to 1 Gig and 24/7 Wifi Support, CDE Lightband won’t let slow internet hold you or your business back Moving businesses and communities forward My Energy…

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May 4th, 2022

Electrical Safety

We all understand that electricity can be dangerous but CDE Lightband wants to remind you of some of the dangers and how to keep yourself safe  “The amount of electricity used by…

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April 8th, 2022

How to Change Your Router Password

CDE Lightband explains the steps you need to take to change the password to your router  In our past blog, we explained the importance of changing your password so now we wanted…

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