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In comparing the two major on-demand streaming platforms, there are a lot of things to consider. Of course, personal viewing preferences make a big difference


  • Hulu has the cheaper basic plan at $5.99/month, however, this plan includes ads during your binge watching.
  • Netflix’s cheapest plan starts at $8.99/month and doesn’t have any ads.
  • Hulu’s most expensive package is $64.99/month while Netflix is only $17.99/month.


  • Hulu has recently aired television shows and movies whereas Netflix does not show what’s currently on tv.
  • Netflix has a large amount of original series only available on their platform.
  • Hulu also offers a package that includes Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ starting at only $13.99/month, whereas Netflix packages don’t include any other streaming services.
  • Netflix has twice as many titles (5,500) in its library compared to Hulu (2,700).


  • Both Hulu and Netflix can be streamed on iPhones and iPads and both are available for Android smartphones and tablets.
  • Both can be used on Apple TV, Fire TV, and Roku.
  • Hulu can also be streamed on Xbox, Nintendo and Playstation.

To sum it up

  • Hulu has the cheapest option, however, people will pay more to eliminate the ads.
  • Hulu has recently aired content from network and cable but Netflix has double the amount of titles.
  • Netflix has better original content.

It all boils down to personal taste and your viewing experience and also your family’s viewing habits. Either way, contact CDE Lightband where we have over 100 of the most popular HD channels with streaming packages that have 250 Mbps internet included.

CDE Lightband offers a 100% Fiber Optic Network that provides you with the fastest and most reliable network. Starting at 250 Mbps all the way to a full 1 Gig of internet – we have all the bandwidth you will ever need. 

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